úterý 11. června 2013

Describing some pictures

Describing pictures

 On the picture we can see a lot of maybe 7 years old boys and girls. They could be in a school canteen/kindergarden dinning room or in some hotel or camp. It's probably in Czech Republic and probably they are Czechs because they have a bottle of czech mineral water ,,Rajec".
     It looks like they are on the summer trip because they have a bags in the backgroung. Kids are making jokes, they  are talking, smiling, playing with their hair and waiting for the lunch/dinner. I think that they have a lot of energy and it means that their teacher(s) must be mad thanks to them.
     They are waiting with the plates, spoons(they could get knifes and forks for the second meal) and slices of bread for the soup. They have mugs for the water, juice, tea, milk or cacao.
     Boys wear T-shirts with long or shor sleeves and one of them has blond hair, other have black/brown hair. They have short hair.
     Girls have long hair some of them has a ponytail. I think that half of them has blond hair and the rest of them has brown/black/dark hair. They are wearing sweatshirts, T-shirts or tracksuits.
      On the picture we can see a very good mood and a lot of funny and cute faces. :D

     On the picture we can see a terrace of some restaurant/pub/tavern. It's a stone building with terrace, roof over the entrance, metal lamps and ivy on the wall, it looks very good.
     In my opinion this is a czech restaurant because on the picture we can see a lot of advertisement, czech beer called: ,,Pilsner Urquel" and czech lemonade called: ,,Kofola".
     At the first table we can see child and his mother and father. The kid wears orange vest with some text, blue shorts/trousers and sunglasses. The ,,daddy" has a blue polo shirt, black headband, watches and eyeglasses. The ,,mommy" wears an interesting blouse and sunglasses(she has them on her hair, not on the eyes). They are probably on a summer trip and they are just taking some rest!
     Then we can see two girls/women, they wearing summer dresses. They are probably on a ice coffee and I think that they are discussing some gossip. And in the background we can see two men, I think that they are on a business appointment or they are ,,maffiosos".

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