úterý 11. června 2013

Describing some pictures

Describing pictures

 On the picture we can see a lot of maybe 7 years old boys and girls. They could be in a school canteen/kindergarden dinning room or in some hotel or camp. It's probably in Czech Republic and probably they are Czechs because they have a bottle of czech mineral water ,,Rajec".
     It looks like they are on the summer trip because they have a bags in the backgroung. Kids are making jokes, they  are talking, smiling, playing with their hair and waiting for the lunch/dinner. I think that they have a lot of energy and it means that their teacher(s) must be mad thanks to them.
     They are waiting with the plates, spoons(they could get knifes and forks for the second meal) and slices of bread for the soup. They have mugs for the water, juice, tea, milk or cacao.
     Boys wear T-shirts with long or shor sleeves and one of them has blond hair, other have black/brown hair. They have short hair.
     Girls have long hair some of them has a ponytail. I think that half of them has blond hair and the rest of them has brown/black/dark hair. They are wearing sweatshirts, T-shirts or tracksuits.
      On the picture we can see a very good mood and a lot of funny and cute faces. :D

     On the picture we can see a terrace of some restaurant/pub/tavern. It's a stone building with terrace, roof over the entrance, metal lamps and ivy on the wall, it looks very good.
     In my opinion this is a czech restaurant because on the picture we can see a lot of advertisement, czech beer called: ,,Pilsner Urquel" and czech lemonade called: ,,Kofola".
     At the first table we can see child and his mother and father. The kid wears orange vest with some text, blue shorts/trousers and sunglasses. The ,,daddy" has a blue polo shirt, black headband, watches and eyeglasses. The ,,mommy" wears an interesting blouse and sunglasses(she has them on her hair, not on the eyes). They are probably on a summer trip and they are just taking some rest!
     Then we can see two girls/women, they wearing summer dresses. They are probably on a ice coffee and I think that they are discussing some gossip. And in the background we can see two men, I think that they are on a business appointment or they are ,,maffiosos".

úterý 12. března 2013

 red dragon

St. David's Day

  • It's the fest day of Saint David, the patron saint of Wales and it falls on 1st March each year.
  • Tradition holds that he died on that day in possibly 569 or 588. It was declared by a national day in the 18th century
  • In the year 2000 become this day a public holiday.
  • To mark the day, Welsh people around the world wear one of their national emblems.(leek or daffodil
 The coat of Arms of the Principality of Wales which are used by the Prince Charles in his standart.
  • Parades. The largest is in the Cardiff and is formally attended by British Monarch or Prince of the Wales
  • Celebrations includes concerts, a parade and a food festival.

    File:Jesus Chapel St David.jpg
  • Children in Wales take part in school concerts. Recitation and singing being the main activities
  • He was famous as a teacher and preacher. Founded - monastic settlements and churches in Wales 
    - St David's Cathedral

    David's popularity in Wales is shown by the Armes Prydein Fawr, of around 930, a popular poem which prophesied that in the future, when all might seem lost, the Cymry (the Welsh people) would unite behind the standard of David to defeat the English

    David was officially recognised at the Vatican by the Pope Callixtus II
     in 1120, thanks to the work of Bernard, Bishop of the St.David's Cathedral.

    Saint David is also thought to be associated with corpse candles, lights that would warn of the imminent death of a member of the community. The story goes that David prayed for his people to have some warning of their death, so that they could prepare themselves. In a vision, David's wish was granted and told that from then on, people who lived in the land of Saint David "would be forewarned by the dim light of mysterious tapers when and where the death might be expected." The color and/or size of the tapers indicated whether the person to die would be a woman, man, or child

    keyword: leek- pórek
        daffodil- narcis

        corpse candles- ,,světla varující před smrtí" 

        tapers - svíce

        preacher - kazatel 

        the Pope - papež

        Bishop - biskup 

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcSyFjPv8Jo
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-FOkkZ1rfE&NR=1&feature=endscreen folk dancing in the Cardiff

úterý 26. února 2013

Thanksgiving day
I know this day only from films. But I want to thank to my parents, to my mother, to my father, to my whole family(brother, grandparents, uncels, aunts, cousins...) because they are my whole life on this world. My parents support me in ,,everything", they are perfect. Life without them won't be happy nor good.

And especially I want to say ,,Thank you" to my best friends, because they always help me. They help me when I can have some problems or just when I need a help.

I think that the words or presents couldn't thank adequately and because of that I'm trying to behave towards my friends the best way how I can. But I will say it. Thank you! 
And the reason why I put in here this picture.. In my future I want to make some dinner for my closest and most important people of my life!


Hopeless imagination

Let's imagine, that you won the Trip around the World with places, which you will visit by your choosing.
I want to start at London in front of the Big Ben, then I want to go to France, in Paris. There I want to visit the Eiffel Tower. After Paris I want to go in Pisa, then I want to see Karnak and Abú Simbel in Egypt. After Egypt I want to spent one night in Dubai with limitless creditcard. Next place will be Rio de Janeiro and the monument of the Jesus.Then I want to spent some days in USA maybe on route66 on big and strong motorcycle. Then I want to travel across Canada and Alaska. After long days and weeks spent on traveling I will berth in China, in Tibet for some weeks. I will study their philosophy and I will try to understand to their meanig of life. And the Last stop of my trip will be in Armenia, where I want to visit the biblical mount Ararat. And I want to stay in Armenia for the rest of my life or as long as I do want to be there!!

For me are these ,,stupidities" the most beautiful dreams!

And what about your Trip around the World? :) :D

úterý 5. února 2013


Home, sweet home!!!

   Okay, i live in a Děčín all time of my life.. My family and I live in a block of flats, in a sufficient flat. It's on 17. listopad street. Everytime when I'm asked about my living, I say, that I live under the bridge, because over ,,our" street leads the ,,new bridge". :D Oh, I have to say, that I'm not a retarded guy. (we have a special school on 17. listopad)

   We live in the third floor. In our flat we have one living room, kitchen, parental bedroom, mine and my brother's room, kitchen, bathroom and hall(it conects all rooms except the parental bedroom).

   From ,,my"(brother is 3months at school and 14days at home) room is an entry to bigger balcony, We have diagonaly divided room into brother's and my half. We have similiar beds, furniture, but on my brother's side is balcony doors and on my side is a desk with our pc.

Above us lives my classmate from elemantary school, we have been the best friends for a lot of years. In the flat next to us live an old teachers couple, they are great! So, i can't made a complain about our neighbors and about my life or my living.

středa 23. ledna 2013

You should know about......

You should know something about my dog. My dog is called Amy, but in czech spelling ,,Ejmi". She is one year and three months old. She is very beautiful. Here can you see her in 2months, how she is eating and in 8months, how she is smiling.

She is sooooo beautiful and she is sooooo bad girl. Ejmi demolished our kitchen, she nibbled our kitchen line, our kitchen furniture and ate a lot of wooden splinters. She have scratched our sofa in living room.

I had a bicykle in a hall and everytime when she had a bummer, she turns on her mimicry and she is like a chameleon.

Okey, I don't have any more interesting informations, so I'll refill it next time.

úterý 22. ledna 2013

A New Year's resolution

Okey, We have survived THE END of the world and New Year's party. So, let's make some promises.
Frankly, I think that I'll broke it.
Very short list of my promises
  1. I want to improve my school results.
  2. I want to have some part-time job.
  3. I want to be more Awesome! :D